25th Feast of the scallop and gastronomy of Villers sur Mer

A weekend to celebrate the shells, the sea and the gastronomy!

In Villers sur Mer in Calvados, the Feast of the scallop and gastronomy has been cultivated for more than 25 years, becoming a major event in Normandy. The 25th edition of the Feast will take place this year on the weekend of October 30th and 31st, 2021, in the middle of the French Fall holidays. Each year in the fall, the Feast of the scallop and gastronomy invites to Villers sur Mer between 20,000 and 25,000 lovers of the land and gastronomic traditions. Because Normandy is the leading French region for fishing the famous shell, benefiting from the Label Rouge, a guarantee of quality. The opportunity to buy good seafood directly from local fishermen.

Not being a fishing port, Villers sur Mer gives pride of place for a weekend to gastronomy and the transformation of scallops into cuisine. Two days of delicacies around this exceptional dish, during which several famous Normandy chefs are invited to cook and put the scallop in the spotlight in an original way during culinary demonstrations.

If the scallops and seafoods are of course put in the spotlight with tons of shells and crustaceans from the region at festive prices, this Villers sur Mer festivity also highlights other products with more than 140 exhibitors, giving pride of place to maritime culture as a whole thanks to musical and festive activities, culinary demonstrations, several markets presenting Normandy products, not to mention catering areas: seafood bar, village of flavors …

Stay at the Hotel Outre-Mer to be at the heart of the event and experience two days of indulgence around an exceptional product, all in a lively and festive atmosphere!