Paintings: Cachelou & Philippe Ecot exhibit at the Hotel Outre-Mer and at Le Villare in Villers sur Mer

On permanent exhibition in the salon de the of the Hotel Outre-Mer, discover all the poetry of Cachelou’s intimate paintings and all the realism of the seascapes, rural or urban landscapes of our beautiful Normandy painted by Ecot.

The artists, and husbands in life, Cachelou and Philippe Ecot return for the third time in a row, from the 11th of August to the 18th, 2021, to exhibit at Le Villare de Villers sur Mer. Discover an exhibition of paintings presenting landscapes, flowers and interiors, between realism and figuration.



It was while working for ten years in her art gallery in Chantilly with professional artists that Cachelou gradually passed from the pleasure of painting to the need to paint.

I always produce a figurative painting, quite realistic, with a rather free personal touch. I work on diverse, intimate subjects, interiors and even interior details. I always paint flowers, while moving towards larger formats.  »

Encouraged by her professional painter friends, she took advantage of their invaluable advice and is now guided by her instinct.

Light and its extraordinary effects very often arouse my envy and always push me towards new challenges.  »

This exhibition is not organized on a single theme, the paintings follow the course of his desires. Interested in the light on objects, she tries to reproduce the feeling of joy that it inspires in her.



Philippe Ecot describes himself as a figurative painter, sensitive to the beauty of things, which is enough to motivate him to create a painting.

I paint what I am sensitive to; the beauty, the beauty of what is around me, nature or environment. »

Philippe Ecot strives to express as sincerely as possible in his paintings the charm that travels or walks inspires in him.

My paintings, I like them rigorous and realistic.  »

Although very realistic, his works still reflect the emotion he felt when the subject offered itself to him. Initially sensitive to the design that structures the work, P. Ecot gradually translates light with color. Regarding his watercolors, they can be worked or spontaneous according to his installation.

« I work with one or the other of these techniques according to a kind of interior appeal, both aesthetic and sensual, a way of renewing the pleasure of painting.« 



The work of the two artists, very different but nevertheless quite complementary in terms of the subjects treated, offer a varied exhibition that is both realistic and poetic.



Photo credit: @ Ouest France / @SPACE Villers sur Mer