Bridges of may, spring holidays... escape to the seaside at the hotel outre-Mer.

already the spring holidays and the bridges of the month of may are approaching with great steps & #8230; do not wait any longer, escape by the seaside at the hotel outre-Mer!

the spring settles in Villers sur Mer and on the Côte Fleurie. The Sun is shining again and the sea air has been delightfully warmed up. The time has finally come to highlight the beautiful summer outfits and take a few days of holiday in the Sun.

escape to the seaside for a long weekend in love, with friends or family during the children’s school holidays. Located in front of the beach and in the heart of the beautiful seaside resort of Villers sur Mer, the hotel outre-Mer & #8211; three-star boutique hotel offers a panoramic view of the sea.

then pack your bags, direction Villers sur Mer in the heart of Normandy!