Your villa at the seaside in a refined and relaxed atmosphere with the touch of originality that makes all the difference.

Catering at the Hotel Outre-Mer

A stay at the Hotel Outre-Mer should be synonymous with unforgettable experiences.

To enhance your getaway by the sea and also allow you to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, we offer delicious meals to be enjoyed in your room via our room service or to take away for a gourmet picnic.

Service before 12:30 p.m. and before 8:00 p.m. in the evening.

Gourmet French dishes

The menu of the Hotel Outre-Mer has been extended with delicious dishes served in the form of jars.

On the new menu of the Hotel Outre-Mer, we offer French regional dishes, artisanal and upscale imagined by Philippe Boucquez Master cook craftsman in partnership with Chef Michel Grobon, former Chef of Ronald Reagan at the House White.

Made in France and presented in the form of pretty glass jars, each dish is prepared with care, without added colorings or preservatives, and can be eaten directly in its jar. Convenient to enjoy a good meal in the comfort of your room while admiring the sea or to take away for a gourmet picnic!

Photo credit: Benjamin Teissèdre

Restauration à l'Hôtel Outre-Mer (Villa Le Couchant) : plats du terroir français

Delicious « homemade » pastries or local Normandy desserts

For dessert, succumb to the delicious homemade pastries of the Hotel Outre-Mer tea room or to the famous Normandy desserts: Inimitable chocolate fondant, apple and red fruit crumble, Teurgoule, pastry of the day … artisanal Mustache ice creams or Normandy farmhouse yogurt made just a few kilometers from the hotel.

Drinks from our boutique hotel’s tea room and lounge bar are also available in your room via our room service or take out.

Restauration à l'Hôtel Outre-Mer (Villa Le Couchant) : dessert maison