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Exhibition « Landscapes » by Philippe Ecot and Cachelou

An overview of timeless Normandy

The Honfleur artists Philippe Ecot and his wife Cachelou have come back to Hôtel Outre-Mer to exhibit a second time. An exhibition of watercolours, oil paintings and pastels representing very realistically the landscapes of our beautiful Normandy.

« If I am a figurative painter, it is because the beauty of things suffices to motivate in me the realisation of a painting. » Philippe Ecot

Philippe Ecot likes to describe his painting as « realistic, based on the quality of form and patterns.

I choose above all,  atmospheres which are fleeting both urbane and natural, everyday moments in life. It is the subject of the painting which dictates the choice of the medium I employ. Thus I use mainly the techniques on paper of pastels and watercolours to achieve a rapid creation with a finish which is light – particularly in my landscapes, and prefer to use oil paint when the subject requires a more precise technique« .

Exposition de peintures représentant des paysages normands par Philippe Ecot

« What was simply a pleasure, has become a necessity » Cachelou

His wife, Cachelou, paints because « for her painting is a source of balance. »

After having painted landscapes from nature, as varied as possible, she now favours more intimate themes: an angle of illuminated glass, zooming into quite simple flowers, objects that strike a chord within her. She paints « quite simply pieces of life » as « she has an approach which is more sensitive than intellectual. »

She precises: « Nevertheless, the technique of oil painting, with its slow drying process, allows me to reflect and come back from time to time to express my feelings which are sometimes contradictory. I force myself to translate my emotions with sincerity around the subjects where shade and light are the real stars. »

Exposition de peintures à l'Hôtel Outre-Mer (Villa Le Couchant)

Exhibition « Landscapes »
&  « Flowers and Interiors »

Cachelou and Philippe Ecot also exhibited their works for the second time last summer, from the 9th to the 15th august, 2019 at Le Villare, the Cultural Centre of Villers sur Mer.