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Our actions concerning sustainable development

Hotel outre-Mer has a committed approach concerning respect of the environment.

Energy and electricity consumption: since its takeover in 2016 by Delphine and Aurélien, the hotel is being renovated (reinforcement of thermal insulation and soundproofing by the installation of double glazing and significant insulation of the walls and partitions); maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout in the whole hotel; 100% of our light bulbs are « low consumption », equipped with timers, energy savers or connected to timing programmers. Less power consumption means less production and so less pollution.

Maintenance, office and selective sorting: we privilege environmentally friendly cleaning products such as white vinegar, just as effective as chemicals ones, and use reusable cleaning cloths washed and disinfected at very hight temperatures; selective sorting of ALL the hotel waste; at the reception, we prefer digital documents.

Short circuits and organic products: we supply ourselves with local products from local producers and traders, if possible choosing organic or rationale agriculture to offer to our guests the best quality for the breakfast, at teatime at our tearoom and for the Glam’hours at the lounge bar. Quantities are calculated to avoid waste.

L'Hôtel Outre-Mer est engagé dans une démarche respectueuse de l'environnement.

A few simple gestures are enough to preserve our planet.

We therefore ask our guests to:

• Not systematically change their towels;

• Make sure the lights, television, heated towel rack and all their devices are switched off when they leave the room;

• Not let water run unnecessarily and not open welcome products if they do not use them;

• Remember to systematically close windows when heating their room and to keep a reasonable temperature in the room.

Finally, the Hotel Outre-Mer, located in the city center, we encourage our guests enjoying moving on foot or with public transport, as a bus stop is just a few steps, a fun way to explore the Côte Fleurie.

L'Hôtel Outre-Mer est engagé dans une démarche respectueuse de la nature.