The awakening of the senses, the pleasure of nice things, from morning to night, throughout the Hotel and right up to your room, delicious tastes to satisfy your cravings...

The Boutique at Hotel Outre-Mer

Surprises and small gifts allow you to continue the Hotel Outre-Mer experience.
Indulge yourself or others from a range of local products
carefully selected by us for their refinement and quality.

Natural delicately perfumed candle.

A woody and apple scent for this candle
inspired by the apple orchards
of the Pays d’Auge.

Bougie naturelle parfumée avec le logo de l'Hôtel Outre-Mer

Surprise someone offering a
bottle of Arpents du Soleil,
the only winery in Normandy.

In the heart of Normandy, on a hillside
with exceptional soil and in a warm
and dry micro-climate, this is a wine
on a par with many prestigious
wines which explains its great success.

Vin de Pays du Calvados "Les Arpents du Soleil"

Discover soft drinks from Normandy
from La LiMeuhnaderie Solibulles.

Organic soft drinks made in Normandy
really refreshing, without caffeine,
or phosphoric acid,
using Fairtrade sugar cane.
Sodas normands biologiques de la limeuhnaderie Solibulles

Apple and vanilla, apple and Calvados,
Entes plums, apricots,
raspberry and redcurrents…

The delicious artisanal jams made by a specialist jam maker in Villers sur Mer
will delight everyones’ tastebuds!
Confitures artisanales du Maître confiturier de Villers sur Mer

Souvenirs or surprises to enable you to continue to live the Hotel Outre-Mer experience
even after your departure.

You will find the drinks that you enjoyed in the Tea Room or the Lounge Bar on sale in the Hotel’s boutique: Tea from La Maison Richard, PoMeuhnade, MeuhCola and other Normandy soft drinks made in Normandy, organic apple juice and farm cider from La Ferme du Lieu Bill, wine from the unique Normandy winery Les Arpents du Soleil, beers from La Brasserie de la Baie du Mont Saint Michel, etc.

The delicious jams and jellies from the specialist jam maker in Villers sur Mer will delight those with a sweet tooth. A little something that will not fail to bring pleasure to breakfast or tea times.

Thoughtful attention Made in Normandy

To recreate the cosy atmosphere of Hotel Outre-Mer, a candle delicately perfumed with woody and apple notes has been specially created for those who love our Boutique Hotel in Normandy.