The awakening of the senses, the pleasure of nice things, from morning to night, throughout the Hotel and right up to your room, delicious tastes to satisfy your cravings...

Tea Time in the Tea Room of Hotel Outre-Mer

At tea time, the aroma of the home-made pastries, hot chocolate
and perfumed teas invade the Tea Room and the corridors of the Boutique Hotel,
right up to your room…
So, succumb to a pure moment of greed and generosity!

Home-made cakes and pastries

Moist and melting cakes,
fruit tarts, biscuits, fruit crumbles,
ice cream sundaes,
and other delicious treats…
always home-made prepared.

Pâtisseries "maison" pour le goûter

International coffees
and home-made hot chocolates.

Specialty pure arabica coffees
or selected blends
and hot chocolates made with
quality cooking chocolate.

Boissons chaudes pour le goûter: Cafés du monde et chocolats chauds "maison"
Large selection of green, black,
white, rooiboos and matés teas,
perfumed or natural,
infusions and fruit teas,
served hot or chilled.
Boissons chaudes pour le goûter: thés parfumés ou nature et infusions

Fresh and local!

Freshly squeezed citrus juices,
cider, organic apple and pear juice
from a local farm,
organic Normandy beers
and sparkling drinks.

Boissons fraîches locales pour le goûter: jus de pommes fermier et sodas normands

A self-indulgent pause amongst friends, a romantic interlude after a stroll on the beach, a business meeting in a cosy environment or simply the pleasure of giving in to temptation.

Enjoying a breathtaking view of the Channel, the Tea Room of Hotel Outre-Mer offers a cosy environment in which to relax and drift off into delightful reverie. We will awaken your curiosity with our large selection of teas (more than fifty!) natural or delicately perfumed with spices, flowers or fruits. You will appreciate the strength and the subtlety of our different pure arabica quality coffees from the four corners of the world or you will be delighted by the smooth creaminess of our traditional hot chocolates freshly prepared using confectioners chocolate. To refresh you, you can try one of our Made in Normandy cold drinks never tasted before or one of our freshly squeezed citrus juices. But this is only the beginning or your surprises and your journey into the heart of our delicious treats.


Tea Time at Hotel Outre-Mer invites you to enjoy an exquisite pause in your day

Thanks to a service which is welcoming, warm and enthusiastic, it is a special moment to taste our signature pastries, our seasonal cakes, or to discover our new creations.

Tea Time Opening hours:

For Hotel guests, from 3.00 to 6.00 p.m. every day
For non-residents, from 3.00 to 6.00 pm
Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays and every day during school holidays.


Discover our tea time menu

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