Discover the seaside resort of Villers sur Mer

Subtle blend between the charms of the Pays d’Auge wooded countryside and the elegance of the long fine sandy beaches of the Côte Fleurie, the seaside resort of Villers sur Mer captures with character all the authenticity of Normandy.

Built on a wooded hillside, adorned with villas and gardens, Villers sur Mer is surrounded by unspoiled natural spaces: the Vaches Noires cliffs and their exceptional paleontological deposits, the arbored country lanes of the Pays d’Auge, two kilometers of a fine sandy beach, the marshland and its birds island.

Family resort par excellence, special care is given to the well-being of families, attention rewarded by the “Family Plus” label, award got to Hotel Outre-Mer too.

La station balnéaire de Villers sur Mer au coeur de la Côte Fleurie

Summer music festivals in Villers-sur-Mer

From your room with view on the sea or your feet in the sand on the beach, admire the sunsets in music, because during the whole summer season, at the Perdrisot Amphitheater just in front of the Hotel Outre-Mer, stands the Sable Show festival!
This 30 years old festival, unique on the Côte Fleurie has set up in the landscape of current music, both for its longevity and for its demanding programming choices, always made for the general public. From French song to rock, or jazz, the Sable Show festival is eclectic, between discoveries and sure values.

Building on its success, the Festival des Nouveaux Talents & Invités (Festival of New Talents & Guests) is positioned as the signature festival of chamber music on the Côte Fleurie. Each summer, around several concerts of excellence magnified by their performers, the programming is aimed at all audiences and at prices that are always accessible.

33ème Festival Sable Show : 13 concerts gratuits cet été face à la mer et au soleil couchant à Villers-sur-Mer en Normandie.

History of the seaside resort of Villers sur Mer

In the middle of the 19th century, Villers sur Mer was only a little village consisting of a church, a castle, a manor house and larges farms. It was in 1852 that Mister Lepareur, a negotiator in Paris, discovered the charming little village and decided to build the first hotel there, the present day Villa Les Tourelles in Strasbourg street.

Little by little, under the guidance of Felix Pigeory, an architect in Paris and Pierre-Michel-François Chevalier, the director of the paper Le Figaro, Villers sur Mer was transformed into an elegant seaside resort on the Côte Fleurie in Normandy. Huge villas and many other architectural folies typicaly Normande flourished although the 1870’s.

A la Belle Epoque, Villers sur Mer was considered as a very attractive resort. Many holiday-makers, well-known personalities from literature, the arts and politics frequented the aristocratic beach: the countess de Bern, the singer Marthe Chenal, the painter Paul Huet, the composers Alfred Bruneau and Charles Koechlin…

The Belle Epoque seaside villas of Villers sur Mer

Villers sur mer has a rich architectural and historical heritage. Its numerous villas, some hidden, with varied and ornate styles, are the testimony of the Second Empire or the Belle Epoque. To admire these jewels of the seaside architecture, stroll along the length of the beach or in the heights of Villers sur Mer especially on the hillsides, where many villas compete with elegance to capture the view of the sea.

endant les Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, Villers-sur-Mer vous invite à découvrir ses plus belles villas balnéaires, patrimoine architectural emblématique des débuts de la villégiatures sur la Côte Fleurie.

The sandy beach and the tides

A beautiful 2,5 kilometers long fine sandy beach with a white ribbon of beach huts offering a quietly timeless landscape for lovers of the joys of the seaside.

La plage de Villers sur Mer et ses cabanes blanches

Celebration of scallops & seafood in Villers sur Mer

The last weekend of October each year, a convivial event focussing on an exceptional product!
Seafood market • Local produce and wines • Fine dining and dishes • Catering • Musical and festive animations

Fête de la Coquille Saint Jacques à Villers sur Mer

The Paléospace museum of Villers sur Mer

Discover the exceptional history of Normandy at the Jurassic age, when dinosaurs and marine reptiles ruled the earth. Today the Vaches Noires cliffs deliver fossils of the flora and the fauna that disappeared 160 million years ago! The museum offers also a gallery dedicated to the Greenwich Meridian which crosses Villers sur Mer and a planetarium.

Contact : +33 2 31 81 77 60

Paléospace de Villers sur Mer : musée sur les dinosaures et la Normandie jurassique

The "Vache Noires" cliffs, an exceptional geological site

The Vaches Noires cliffs, literally « Black Cows » cliffs, over 100 meters high, stretch for almost 5 kilometers along the beach between Villers sur Mer and Houlgate. They are distinguished by their exceptional geological and paleontological richness and by their natural beauty.

This remarkable natural site has been classified as a « Natural Area of ​​Scientific, Ecological, Faunistic and Floristic Interest » since 1995 by the Ministry of the Environment. You can explore the cliffs from the beach, only at low tide. Here you can collect many 160 million years old fossils. The deposit even delivered dinosaur bones! Guided tours, with fossils research, are offered all year round by the Villers sur Mer Tourist Office.

Discover more about the Vaches Noires Cliffs (Black Cows Cliffs), geological and paleontological treasure in Villers sur Mer.

Les falaises des Vaches Noires : un trésor paléontologique à Villers-sur-Mer en Normandie.

The vegetated dinosaurs of Villers sur Mer

Right in front of the Hotel Outre-Mer stands a colossus of 7 meters high and 12 meters long made up of an iron frame filled with 6 tonnes of earth where 9000 plants grow! This vegetated diplodocus and its young are the true symbol of the seaside resort of Villers sur Mer.

Les dinosaures végétalisés de Villers sur Mer

The Saint Martin church of Villers sur Mer

Listed as a « Historic Monument », Saint Martin church is a remarkable example of the neo-gothic style which flourished in Normandy at the end of the 19th century.

You will admire the exceptional set of 51 colored stainedglass windows from the artist Duhamel-Marette, considered to be masterpieces of Normandy 19th century art, the organ made by the famous family of organ builders Cavaillé-Colland and the interior decor sculpted by Jacquier brothers.

Eglise saint Martin de Villers sur Mer

The Greenwich Meridian in Villers sur Mer

Villers sur Mer, the starting point of the Greenwich Meridian on the European continent, has the defining feature of being the only French seaside resort located on this Meridian.

Le Méridien de Greenwich à Villers sur Mer

The marsh of Villers sur Mer and its birds island

Thirty hectares of marshes are located at the East of the resort. An exceptional environment for walking, the Villers sur Mer marsh, protected natural park, offer a diversity of fauna and flora.

Le marais de Villers sur Mer et son île aux oiseaux